10 Years of achievements, by Francis Ingrand

I can’t believe Plug In Digital is turning 10 already. The past decade has been lots of fun, but it’s also been a bit of a whirlwind.

10 Years Francis Ingrand - Founder & CEO

When I started Plug In Digital, I really intended it as a one-man business services provider. My plan was to combine my professional experience in digital sales with my passion for video games and help partner studios and publishers make the best out of the digital revolution.
In 2005, Steam opened its platform to third party studios and publishers, kickstarting a new age for the PC video games market. In 2012, we were in a golden age for indies, assuming they could pass a few barriers. It was also a challenging time for older companies, accustomed to retail and a more traditional business model. In both cases, I was there to help.


« Pioneering and boldness became our key strengths and the base of our success. »


I can never thank my very first partners, Bigben Interactive (now Nacon), Paradox Interactive , and Milestone, enough. I’m grateful they trusted me back then and I’m proud to say they are still partners today. With them, we started something that became our over-arching company strategy: to explore all possible digital markets and create extra value by making our games available everywhere so that all gamers can play, no matter their preferred platform.

We’ve been through so many key milestones since then. I will not list everything here, but a few that are the most meaningful to me:

  • Kevin, my very first teammate, joined the company in 2013. We are now close to 50!
  • In addition to our first 3 partners listed above, we’ve worked with over 300 companies, providing PC Digital sales expertise, and most are still here as well!
  • We expanded to Mobile, distributing and publishing more than 1000+ games.
  • We expanded to consoles and grew one of the largest portfolios on Nintendo Switch.
  • We were one of the first to believe in Cloud Gaming and we are now a key content provider for all cloud platforms all over the world.
  • We’ve supported hundreds of indie studios and helped small and big businesses alike grow and add even more value to their products.

It’s just a few bullet points among many that I’m proud of, and looking back it’s already been quite a trek.

We also made some key strategic moves over these past years. Starting in 2016, we decided to grow as a publisher. We’ve patiently built our skills and business offering, and now we are running two labels: Dear Villagers and PID Games. While we have quite different strategies for each, both are fueled with the same energy as I was in the early days: a sincere passion for video games.

You may have noticed our « last but not least », very recent historic milestone: our announcement last November of a successful $75M fundraising round.


« As we are turning 10, we are also entering a completely new era. With great trust comes great responsibility! »


Our plan for the years to come is clear and really in line with the past 10 years. Plug In Digital will continue to be the N°1 supporter of the video game industry with its distribution and sales services. That’s the heart of the company, our long-time savoir-faire. We’re not going to stop striving for the best, and we will move and change with the times to stay at the top of our business.

Our publishing labels will take advantage of new important Investments. PID Games will expand its « a la carte » support toward indie studios and co-publishers from all around the world. And we want Dear Villagers to grow into a key player on the « Triple I/AA » scene and have already secured some amazing games we can’t wait to announce.

These past 10 years have been amazing. It’s hard to believe the next 10 will be as intense, but I can assure you I’m prepared and will be doing my best to surprise our partners, my teams and myself, over and over again!


Plug In Digital Team 10 Years

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