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Console Games

Co-Publishing & Business Development

With dozens of games released on all major consoles, we built a deep expertise in console games distribution. Throught the co-publishing offer from our label PID Games, we facilitate the access to consoles, optimize the sales effort and achieve business opportunities with local and retail partners all over the world. If your game was self-published on PC, already released on some platforms with other partners, we are still open to take it to even more game devices.

We are Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft partners

We are early adopters – already 30+ titles on Nintendo Switch

We help you port your game : technical support, dev kit loans, outsourcing solutions, funding options, age rating, submission management…

We push for consoles stores featurings and marketing optimization

We have a strong network of Asian partners for local opportunities (Japan, China, Korea)

We can offer you opportunities for physical releases and other extra deals like cloud gaming or OEM deals




Some partners

Plug In Digital games are on Nintendo Switch
Plug In Digital games are on PS4 - PlayStation 4
Plug In Digital games are on PS4 - PlayStation 4
Plug In Digital games are on Xbox One
Plug In Digital distributes with some partenaire console

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