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Congratulations! You found the right place to get some insight on the most frequently asked questions about our distribution services. You can also get to know the company and the team better in the “About us” section or have a look at our pitch deck in the “Presentation” section.

What is your role in the distribution process ?

Our mission as a distributor is to make sure your game is available at a fair price on as many places as possible, in order to have multiple sources of income instead of focusing on just a few. We handle game keys and DRM free builds depending on your resources and our partners requirements, we talk with dozens of reliable stores in order to get the best featuring possible from them, we set up all product pages after receiving a few marketing assets from you, we optimize prices and discounts to fit every specific market but always with your consent first. We also take care of VAT/tax management, send you a monthly detailed report of sales and pay you on a regular basis, of course.

What kind of games are you working on ?

Our core business is built on premium games, but we also have some freemium and free-to-play titles in our catalog, especially on the mobile side. Our range of action isn’t really limited to specific genres of games since our strength relies on the variety of our portfolio. We’ve been handling successful titles like A Normal Lost Phone, Bury me my Love, Cut The Rope, Dead Cells, FURI, Ghost of a Tale, Homo Machina, Magibot, Northgard, Tyranny, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX or Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap. We can also work with publishers, by the way, as we’re already an official partner for companies like Asmodee, Bandai Namco, Curve Digital, Dotemu, Graffiti Games, Konami, Paradox or SNK.

What types of stores are you working with ?

We deal mostly with direct buy stores (game keys and DRM free builds) or subscription-based stores (games on demand and streaming services) that ask for one single DRM free build to integrate on their platform. We can also find more exotic solutions like OEM/hardware-based deals, retail cards with download codes or limited physical copies, to name only a few examples. Direct buy is the easiest part to set up for us, whereas other opportunities requires a few more months to be activated and efficient in the long run.

What is your business model ?

We only work with a revenue share model. Which means we ask for a reasonable percentage of the net revenue made on every game we support, after our partner stores have taken their own cut. Each store has its own rev share and we adjust ours depending on the services provided but once the contract is signed, our negotiated cut will stay the same.

Will you take care of community management, events, marketing and/or PR?

We won’t, sorry! Our main focus will be on sales animation and trade marketing, which means that most of the communication around the game will be made by our partners (through their stores, social network channels and newsletters), on top of what you can do by yourself or through an external agency. We might know a few people that could help on that front though, so don’t be afraid to ask. And we’ll occasionally share some promotions and releases on our Twitter/Facebook accounts.

Do you provide any kind of funding and/or publishing services ?

We usually don’t fund or publish games through Plug in Digital, because that’s a different and more complex job handled by a dedicated team through our Dear Villagers label. Some stores technically require us to be credited as publisher on their platforms, but it’s often for administrative/legal reasons : if you’re a developer, you’ll always be credited and we won’t claim any ownership over your game or your IP! In some specific cases, we can cover a few extra costs associated with the release of a game (age rating, localization, porting, QA…) but we won’t engage in full-fledge funding for a new game, for example.

Can you help porting games to console or mobile ?

Yes we can! We’re working with several porting studios that provide porting, QA and release management services for Nintendo, PlayStation or Xbox consoles, even if they are made with different engines/languages (Unity, Unreal Engine, MonoGame, GameMaker, Construct, C++…). We can also find partners to help you adapt your games to mobile devices. Those deals always include our full distribution support for those platforms and the question of funding can be discussed with our team.

Can you release a game in China or other less accessible territories ?

Of course. We’re based in France but we operate worldwide thanks to a solid network of local partners. We have a small office in Shanghai to help us grow on the Chinese market and go through the governmental certification process. We also release games in Japan, Korea, Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa and other countries. We’re always looking for new opportunities.

When should I get in touch if I need help to distribute a game ?

The sooner the better ! If your game isn’t out yet, we need around two months prior to its release to work effectively on it. If your game is already out, we need to evaluate its potential on extra stores with your help before striking a deal. If your game isn’t selling very well or hasn’t caught enough attention after some months/years, we probably won’t be able to do a great difference or a commercial miracle.

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