Meet our Team: Pauline Chauveau

As a worldwide distribution expert, Plug In Digital operates with multiple partners, from developers to stores, on every platform including mobile gaming which represents 25% of our activity. Today, meet Pauline, our Key Account Manager who leads the mobile distribution team for 3 years now.

● Introduce yourself in a few words, who are you, personally speaking?

I’m Pauline, 30 years old and living in Montpellier for 3 years. I come from Angers and actually would like to go back to live there one day. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the sun, the local wine and Mediterranean beaches. Oh and I have a wonderful, gorgeous dog called Douna, a crossbreed Shiba Inu x Jack Russel who’s been coming to work with me in the office since the beginning and she takes her role of mascot to perfection.


● For how long have you been part of Plug In Digital? Was it a dream for you to work in the video game industry?

I’m part of Plug In Digital for 3 years now. I was not really excepting to work in the video games field, but I’ve always had a special interest in the media and audiovisual sector. I’m really glad I could discover the video games sector in detail within Plug In Digital, and it allowed me to develop a strong professional and personal interest for this industry. Now that I’m in, I truly intend to make my career there.


● What was your job and studies before you came here?

I started with a Master degree in a business school specialized in multimedia and video games. I did complete my training with an internship in market research at TNS Sofres and a second one as marketing project manager at Warner Bros.

Then, I wanted to discover something different, more concrete, so I became responsible of an organic food store. Always looking for new experiences, I also spent one year in Australia, mixing odd jobs and travel.

After that, I landed in Montpellier and started working at Plug In Digital.


● What is your role within Plug In Digital?

Today, I am the manager of the mobile distribution within a team of three (the best team for sure). I’m in charge of the partnerships with developers and platforms. Developers provide us with Android games which we send to third party platforms (other than Google Play and iOS). We mainly work with phone operators worldwide. Our catalog now counts more than 1000 games that we distribute to more than 50 partner stores.


● What kind of success would you like to bring to the company? What could be your ideal project here?

As a salesperson, I obviously wish to continue participating in Plug In Digital’s growth, and as a manager, I’d like to see the mobile distribution team grow, while keeping the family atmosphere of the company. Ideally, the mobile distribution would exceed revenue from PC distribution.


● One last word?

Chocolate sorbet ice cream in a cone, please

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